Kent Hrbek cried watching Metrodome deflate and other notes from great interview

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It seemed like few cared when they deflated the roof of the Metrodome and started to tear down the structure earlier this winter. After all, the Minnesota Twins play at beautiful Target Field now, and any major league club would love to call a ballpark like it their home. The Twins moving was a good thing.

Well, at least one man cared, and his name is Kent Hrbek, former Twins slugger. After growing up in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, he played all of his home games at the Metrodome during his (pretty good, actually) MLB career. And it's obvious Hrbek misses the dome after reading a fantastic interview he did with the Minneapolis City Pages. Inquistor Danny Sigelman did a great job, but Hrbek comes across like the funniest, most honest and coolest dude ever. Here's a snippet:

Speaking of the Metrodome, you must have had some feelings about them tearing it down?

I had tears watching them blow the thing up. That was a special place in my life. It's where I spent my summer for 14 years. I played in the very first game there ever and saw the last Vikings game they played at the Dome. I know it was horrible to watch baseball there. But all my memories are in there. I really want to get a couple seats if I can.

Hrbek talks about other topics, such as loving Frank Zappa music (which former teammate Gary Gaetti turned him on to) and how Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew is "turning over in his grave" because of the walkup music these kids today play at the ballpark.

He'd say, "You have to hit the ball no matter where you are. If you have to have your song to get fired up to hit, then how you going to hit the ball when we go on the road and you don't have that song?"

Sounds curmudgeonly, sure, but it's not a bad point! Good ol' Harmon.

The best line might have been Hrbek's characterization of going from last place in 1990 to World Series champs a year later:

It was from the s*** house to the castle in a matter of 365 days.

One topic they didn't cover was Hrbek's most famous play, coming in the 1991 Series:

Can you imagine what Hrbek might say about lifting Ron Gant off the ground? Whatever it is, it would be pretty funny unless you're Ron Gant or a Braves fan. Get to reading.

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