Kendrys Morales’ 2014 Topps baseball card is pretty funny

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This is Kendrys Morales' baseball card from the 2014 Topps set. Something tells us that Kendrys Morales isn't grabbing as many of these as he can get his hands on. He's probably looking at this card like, "Topps, why you bringing up old stuff?"

If you've followed the career of Kendrys Morales, we don't really need to explain why this is funny. But, for the rest of you, we're going to.

The photo is from a June 23 game last season. Morales hit a pinch-hit, game-winning home run for the Seattle Mariners and as he was circling the bases, many fans likely thought about 2010, when he hit a game-winning homer for the Los Angeles Angels. He hopped on the plate in celebration and fractured his lower leg and ankle. It became one of baseball's historically dumb injuries when Morales lost a season and a half of playing time.

When Morales hit the homer last season, he approached the plate gingerly. His teammate Felix Hernandez — as you see in the card — even cautioned him to slow down. Morales did. No big celebration. No injury.

This isn't the type of moment you usually see on a baseball card. (And it's better than Daniel Hudson's card from last year). Topps did something different with the Morales card and it's great. Kudos. The card tells a story. It sort of flies in the face of baseball-card tradition by not showing the front of the player in question, but it's 2014, let's get wild.

Hopefully Morales has a good sense of humor about it.

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