Kate Upton persuades Justin Verlander to toss her a baseball

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Can a woman's eternal devotion be purchased with only a baseball? Apparently so when it comes to the relationship shared by supermodel Kate Upton and Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers.

The top celebrity couple in the major leagues sealed their bond for all time Monday night when Verlander tossed Upton a ball at her seat in the front row behind the Tigers' dugout at Yankee Stadium.

Check out the look she gives Verlander after he gives up the souvenir. Yeah, some of you dirty birdies probably think the look means something else, and you're probably not wrong.

 But there's more. There's true love in Upton's eyes.

At first, things looked dicey after Verlander appears to ask Upton where she's been all game.

She replies with something like: "I was here the whole game," or "I was sitting here the whole time," but whatever it was she said, it didn't compare to the look she gave Verlander after he flipped her the ball. It revealed all of her feelings toward him — a combination of "thats-the-man-of-my-dreams, this-is-the-best-puppy-and-cat-GIF-ever, you-engaged-my-grandmother-in-authentic-conversation." It was a look that could have melted an iceberg by itself even if climate change actually were a myth.

That girl is stone-cold in love, and it doesn't matter for one second that Verlander's ERA is 4.66. She's hooked. Mark it down. Done deal. Have a ball, kids.


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