Kate Upton slights Justin Verlander in happy birthday tweet to his buddy

David Brown
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If we needed any confirmation that Kate Upton doesn't like Justin Verlander as much as she allegedly used to, a happy birthday tweet she sent to Frank Viola III on Wednesday confirmed it. What does Frank Viola III, a son of the famed left-handed pitcher with a similar name, have to do with ex-SuperCouple Kate 'n' Justin? He's one of Verlander's best friends and, apparently, his friendship with Upton has survived the alleged Verlander breakup. It happens to famous people and the sons of famous people too!

Upton and Verlander never actually said on the record they were dating — it just kind of got out there. Dang paparazzi! Anyway, Upton repeatedly has said in recent times that she is single, and all of the anecdotal evidence linking her and Verlander has dried up. So they're kaput. But that doesn't mean a girl can't wish a friend of a friend a happy birthday!

Only, the eCard she included in the tweet said "Happy birthday to a friend of a friend who I now like more than the original friend." She deleted the tweet with the eCard less than 45 minutes later and replaced it with one that didn't include an eCard that slighted her (likely) ex-boyfriend.

Now, does this have anything to do with Verlander's self-admittedly disappointing season in which his ERA has risen to 3.72 for the Detroit Tigers? No. ... Doubtful. ... Probably not. ... Who can say for sure? Just maybe.

One of those.

It's just that, the situation is something we all can identify with (even if the woman involved doesn't look like Kate Upton, and the men aren't either famous ballplayers or related to famous ballplayers). Two people allegedly date, they meet their friend's friends, they break up, but they don't necessarily stop being friends with the other new friends. An awkward part of the human condition sometimes.

You see? Supermodels and ace starting pitchers are not all that different from me and you.

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