Kate Upton cuddles with her favorite tiger — It’s not Justin Verlander

In fact, it’s not baseball player or even a mascot. It’s a real life tiger cub, and she shared the photo of them cuddling with her Twitter followers on Friday.

Interesting choice of words aside, it appears there’s no cold, calculated jab intended toward Detroit Tigers hurler Justin Verlander, who she’s been linked to for about a year and spotted with numerous times, though claims she’s not dating. According to the Detroit Free Press, Upton’s photo was actually a part of a recent modeling shoot.

Of course Verlander was also photographed with a tiger cub — that he jokingly (we think) referred to as his new pet — right around the day he signed his massive contract extension. That coincidence fueled rumors that Upton was taking a swipe at Verlander, having a little fun with past rumors, or even subtly hinting that the two may really be together.

Honestly, I have no idea what any of this really means, nor do I have the time or desire to figure it all out. I just know the photo elicited quite a reaction in social media circles, and hey, it's a chance to write about Kate Upton. Maybe she'll learn of my existence now.

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