The Justin Verlander-Kate Upton rumors have been resurrected, thanks to Justin’s grandpa

Kevin Kaduk
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Weird. Of all the confidential things our grandfathers ever blurted out about us, we can't remember any of them being about secret dates with a supermodel.

Then again, we are not Justin Verlander and our grandfathers were never contacted by a celebrity website digging around for confirmation on personal details.

Seriously, that's what actually happened to Verlander's pop-pop when Celebuzz recently came knocking about the ever-persistent rumors that the Detroit Tigers ace and Sports Illustrated's current it-girl are an item. The site claims several family members have confirmed the news with gabby gramps chief among them.

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From Celebuzz:

Verlander's grandfather, Richard Verlander Sr., told Celebuzz: "I heard he has been on dates with a Sports Illustrated girl. I saw a photo — she's beautiful.

"They make a good looking pair because he's a good looking man too," said his proud granddad.

"I do know he's on the dating scene. Justin is a fine boy and whoever he ends up with is lucky. He's not only a great baseball player, he's a great guy," he gushed.

The rumors started earlier this year when Verlander, 29, and Upton, 20, shared the set for a couple of video game commercials. They intensified when Upton, a Michigan native who graced the cover of this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, showed up in a Comerica Park luxury box for a game in July with one of Verlander's best pals. A few sightings during a September road trip to Chicago were also reported.

It's a little hard to believe the pair would be in serious dating mode, considering the hectic schedules that both are keeping as some of the hottest stars in their respective industries. But with Verlander pitching the Tigers into their second straight ALCS with a Game 5 gem against Oakland on Thursday night, the baseball world will get a few more opportunities to confirm the news itself by checking the luxury boxes during Verlander's starts. He's expected to start Games 3 and 7 against either the Yankees and Orioles.

Until then, anyone have a number for Justin's nana?

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