Justin Verlander homers over Green Monster during batting practice

David Brown

Because of interleague play, 'tis the season for American League pitchers to take batting practice. And while he might be 0 for 22 with 15 strikeouts at the plate for his career, Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers is going to try, try, try until he gets that first knock. And he's obviously got some ability with a bat in his hands.

Watch him go to work at Boston's Fenway Park on Wednesday afternoon:

Like a proud papa, Verlander wasn't afraid to tell the world what he had done:

What else do you suppose is on that bucket list? Getting into the Perfect Club with Kate Upton — we know he can't check that off yet.

Anyway, as much as pitchers being used to hit in Major League Baseball is an anachronism, and fairly predictable (they strike out a lot), it's almost worth it to see AL pitchers turn the tables and succeed at the plate. This was only batting practice, though. I mean, good for Verlander and his bucket list, there's almost no chance of him going over the Monster in a game unless he pinch hits for some ungodly reason.

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