Justin Verlander and Tigers teammates dress in Zubaz outfits

David Brown

Oh, good heavens. The Detroit Tigers might have gone too far embracing the Zubaz comeback. Zubaz, in case you forgot the early 1990s, are sweatpants with a zebra-like stripe pattern. They burned hot at one time, disappeared for a couple of decades and are making a comeback because they have been missed.

But missed this much? After the Tigers completed their first three-game sweep at Fenway Park since 1983 (that's longer ago than Zubaz) Verlander and some of the boys donned Zubaz suits made of navy and orange, Tigers colors. They actually all kind of looked like if real tigers wore clothes and wore track suits like gangsters.

Detroit beat the Boston Red Sox 6-2, taking its 11th straight road game. Ain't nobody gonna mess with you on the road when you're dressed like this. Cleveland, you better watch out.

Other than the look of pimpy confidence on Verlander's face as he poses on Instagram, the best part of his photo is Torii Hunter sitting down for a postgame interview as if he weren't wearing a Zubaz track suit.

UPDATE: Only one problem. According to several tweets from the traveling party, the Tigers plane broke and they couldn't leave Boston on Sunday night. Bryan Holoday blamed too much Zubaz.

Here's Rajai Davis tweeting a group on a bus headed, presumably, to a nearby hotel.

Here's a group photo that includes Miguel Cabrera wearing a funny complementary T-shirt and head band:


Blinding! The words "Roooooaaaaarrr!" and "Dress for success" caption the photo. The Tigers certainly are succeeding on the field, having beaten the Boston Red Sox 6-2 to improve their overall record to 27-12. As for the dressing part, well, they look comfortable.

And lest you think they changed into normal clothes before they left the stadium:

On the plane too:

Partying on the plane, with Rajai Davis and crew:

Just don't congregate near the restrooms!

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