The Juice: Youngin' Jason Heyward rescues old man Billy Wagner

Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in Fulton County, Ga., where the Atlanta Braves were about to be overcome by the sizzling Cincinnati Reds. Until a certain young man came to their aid.

Game of the Day: Braves 5, Reds 4

Having rookie Jason Heyward(notes) on his side seems to comfort Billy Wagner(notes).

The Reds, who lead the league with 13 comeback victories, charged back with three runs in the eighth, and then a single in the ninth against the Braves' 38-year-old closer to tie the score 4-all. OK, senior moments are allowed when whippersnappers such as Heyward are on your team.

With two outs in the bottom half of the ninth, Heyward connected for a game-ending RBI double against Nick Masset(notes), which turned Turner Field upside down and snapped the Reds' four-game winning streak. It also gave Wagner his fourth victory. The vulture! Preying on the good deeds of the young like that.

"It doesn't surprise me anymore," Wagner said. "He's not 20, he's about a 10-year vet the way he carries himself and handles all the attention and the pressure that's put on him. It's great to play with him."

Heyward also hit his first big-league triple, and finished 3 for 5 to push his average to .288.

* * *

They Also Played

Cubs 4, Phillies 1: You'd think the Phillies would be used to a junk-dealing lefty after seeing Zach Duke(notes) the night before, but Tom Gorzelanny(notes) was just as tough. And even when they hit him hard, he hit back. He's Gorzo! And the Cubs have won four in a row.

Royals 8, Indians 4: The best throw Kerry Wood(notes) made all night was when he chucked his glove into the stands. "Hey, Mr. Wood! Would you sign this?"

Pirates 6, Brewers 4: Revenge! Oh, the Brewers aren't so tough when they're not scoring 20 runs, are they? Hey, watch this and see if you can find the ball. Here's some help: Don't ask Ryan Braun where it is!

Rays 10: Yankees 6: Time to get your doctorate in Rays baseball on: Professor Joe Maddon presiding. ... Longoria!

Nationals 5, Mets 3: Hey, Angel Pagan(notes) will try harder next time, he promises. ... Hey, that's how you do it, Drew Storen(notes)!

Red Sox 3, Twins 2: Clay Buchholz(notes) shows the rest of the obscenely paid Red Sox rotation how it's done. Hey, David Ortiz's(notes) OPS is .837. He's apparently not done. The pipes, the pipes called from glen to glen and down the mountainside for Daniel Bard(notes), so he got the save.

Rangers 4, Orioles 3: The Rangers won, so they're cool with umpires blowing a call that cost Josh Hamilton(notes) a home run. All they had to do was check the replay, but they declined because Paul Eddings was "sure." Ehhhh! Sorry, guys. Wrong guess. You're paying for the Tivo, use it.

Astros 7, Rockies 3: If Clint Barmes(notes) doesn't make a key error in the eighth, maybe they're still playing and 'Duk is writing this recap.

Angels 3, White Sox 2: Torii Hunter(notes) homered for the third time in three games. He's on a streak, isn't he?

"Actually, if I could go to the casino now, I think I'd hit jackpot. Put it all on black," Hunter said. "Right now, I'm just kind of happy lucky. That's what baseball is all about, being lucky."

OK, Passenger 57. He's right, though. Conversely, the White Sox have scored four runs combined in John Danks'(notes) past three starts. He could have won any of them, with some support. Not so lucky.

Padres 10, Dodgers 5: Adrian Gonzalez(notes) drove in enough runs by himself (six) to kill off L.A.'s nine-game winning streak. Jeez, get the Friars out of PETCO and they get offensive.

Tigers 5, Athletics 1: Justin Verlander(notes), whizzing the ball at mph 96 past the game's final batter, was beastly.

D-backs 13, Giants 1: Arizona hit six homers, and Adam LaRoche(notes) hit two? It must have been Todd Wellemeyer(notes) pitching. (*Checks box score.) It was. And don't look at Brandon Medders'(notes) line, because it will turn you to stone, like that Medusa chick.

Blue Jays 3, Mariners 2: Disproving Ricky Vaughn's axiom that seeing's the most important thing, Brett Cecil(notes) pitched without his glasses but threw the ball over the plate anyway. ... Ken Griffey is down to .183. Batting average, not pounds. Oh, Milton Bradley's(notes) back for the Mariners. Yeah, they didn't really notice, either.

Marlins 5, Cardinals 1: VH-1 Diva Hanley Ramirez(notes) apologized, then hustled his way to a three-hit game.