The Juice: Sweet charity — Indians storm back to beat Royals

Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in Cleveland, where nothing was on the line but pride. Shelley Duncan(notes) has some.

Game of the Day: Indians 5, Royals 3

Royals flush: KC took a 3-0 lead into the eighth — lefty Bruce Chen(notes) was putting the Tribe to sleep, to use Manny Acta's words — but the Indians figured out set-up man Robinson Tejeda(notes). The key blow was Duncan's three-run homer to left on a sickly breaking ball. Royals manager stuck with Tejeda and locked closer Joakim Soria(notes) in the bullpen as the Indians put two more guys on base for Michael Brantley(notes). He capped the comeback with a two-run double.

"I'm still in shock that really just happened," Royals second baseman Mike Aviles(notes) said.

Really? You play for the Royals.

Pow, wow! This was the early HD game offered on Extra Innings in my market. Seems like a silly choice for the programmers, but at least everyone got to see Duncan with unmatched clarity. Check out that happy kisser!

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They Also Played...

Nationals 4, Braves 2: This is how the Braves played during the first two weeks of the season. Bad. They lost the season series to the Nats 10-8. Bad. If Bobby Cox weren't the manager, somebody would be blaming the managing.

Mets 7, Phillies 3: Does the SEPTA go to D.C.? Could be another big Phillies fans migration heading to Nationals Park. And it's not to celebrate Eric Bruntlett's(notes) birthday. Although, they could do that, too.

Yankees 4, Red Sox 3 (10 inn.): Why has it been so hard for the Yankees to win a series? And now Rivera blows a save? They have some reason to worry about the postseason.

Mariners 6, Rays 2: Though a loss to the M's is no doubt discombobulating, the Rays can still clinch their second playoff berth ever with a win tonight. Any night, really.

Giants 4, Rockies 2: Three career one-hitters for Matt Cain(notes). Prediction! He'll no-hit someone next season or the next. It would help Cain if Juan Uribe(notes) found some range between now and then. Like a nice range in Wyoming, for example.

Reds 12, Padres 2: Not only did the Redlegs' Homer Bailey(notes) save the lives of every man on that transport, he almost got the decision in a division-clincher. But there's always tomorrow (today?) for that.

Cardinals 8, Cubs 7: The Fredbirds are 45-49 against teams with losing records, and Tony La Russa ain't happy about it.

"That's been ridiculous. It's one of the dumbest things I've ever seen in all my years," La Russa said.

D-backs 5, Dodgers 4: Joe Torre used up Jonathan Broxton(notes), and now he's just spitting out leads.

Blue Jays 5, Orioles 2: Well, not everybody is appreciating the work of Buck Showalter now that Jose Bautista(notes) was hit twice by pitches. Nine of Bautista's 52 homers came against the O's.

Brewers 7, Marlins 1: Was that Prince Fielder's(notes) curtain call in Milwaukee?

White Sox 4, Angels 3: Omar Vizquel(notes) has to be having one of the best seasons ever for a 43-year-old. He's hitting .323 over his past 60 games.

Tigers 5, Twins 1: The Tigers finished with 52 victories at home. They just couldn't take it with them: They're 19 under .500 on the road.

Pirates 9, Astros 3: The Bucs are beside themselves after a 7-2 homestand. That's great, but one of you still has to take the heat for losing 100 games.

Rangers 16, Athletics 9: Football score alert! Two months ago, the Rangers were my supersecretsurprise pick to go to the World Series. Despite how they've played in the second half — meh — if Cliff Lee(notes) is irascible self in the playoffs, they will be my supersecretsurprise pick again when the playoffs start next week.

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