The Juice: Rolen takes whacks at Cardinals, pushes Reds into 1st

Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in St. Louis, a town which Scott Rolen(notes) used to call home. Thanks to a big day, Rolen will board a plane later with the rest of the Reds in no worse than first place in the NL Central.

Game of the Day: Reds 9, Cardinals 8

Rolen, Rollin': Scotty's revival continued with two homers (he finished with 11 each of the previous two seasons) and four RBIs to help the Reds regain first alone.

It's been a while since Rolen played in St. Louis (he was traded after the 2007 season) but it hasn't been that long.

"Good fans, good people," Rolen said. "A little anxiety, a little anticipation. I'll enjoy getting on the plane, too."

Votto go blotto: Returning from a six-game absence due to a sore neck, Joey Votto(notes) hit a homer and drove in four, helping the Reds rally after blowing an earlier four-run lead.

"I think this year we've proven to other people and proven to ourselves that no lead is safe," Votto said.

Third degree for Mac: The wife of Cards batting coach Mark McGwire gave birth to not one, not six, but three girls.

* * *

They Also Played (in two words)

Rays 7, Blue Jays 6: Sean dawn.

Mets 4, Padres 2: Pelf whee!

Pirates 3, Cubs 2: Lowly Lilly.

Yankees 3, Orioles 1: Javy duty.

Dodgers 1, D-backs 0 (10 inn.): Bison stampede.

Indians 3, Tigers 2: Choo chews.

Rockies 2, Giants 1 (11 inn): Clutch Clint.

Rangers 9, White Sox 6: Buehrle swirlie.

Astros 8, Nationals 7: Puma whisker.

Red Sox 9, Athletics 4: Vector Victor?

Braves 7, Phillies 3: Santa Glaus.

Mariners 7, Twins 1: Dirty Vargas.

Marlins 6, Brewers 4: Hells balls.

Royals 6, Angels 3: Tejeda? Te-hot-a!

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