The Juice: Rangers' Murphy singles to beat Rivera, Yankees in 10

Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in Arlington, Texas, where David Murphy(notes) (hoisted high) could get used to this "player of the game" stuff. Especially when it happens against the likes of Mariano Rivera(notes) in a possible playoff preview.

Game of the Day: Rangers 4, Yankees 3 (10 inn.)

Murph's turf: Twice this past week, Murphy hit a go-ahead home run in Rangers victories. A bases-loaded single against the best closer in history works, too.

"I've been taking the single approach up there and looking out over the plate and reacting," Murphy said. "It's working right now and I'll stick with it."

The single approach? How lonely sounding. But hey, sacrifices must be made during the pennant race for the team's sake.

Watch Murphy make Mariano sad

Earlier, Murphy showed off his throwing arm, or "hose." Eat dirt, Nick Swisher(notes)!

Nom du ball: Murphy is developing a reputation among his teammates for timely contributions.

" 'Sweet Stroke' — that's what we call him," Rangers starter C.J. Wilson(notes) said.

Sweet ... Stroke? Wilson is one of the more creative players in the majors. If that's the best he or anyone on the Rangers can do for Murphy's nickname, they might as well call him "David Murphy."

Mo' Godfather blues: If you're going to pitch forever, Sr. Rivera (middle), eventually you're going to lose one at Arlington. It was his first loss in 32 career appearances at Rangers Ballpark, where the Yankees had won 29 straight when Mo pitched.

The Rangers sort of nickel-and-dimed Rivera with dinks and dunks in the 10th — not that he would use that as an excuse.

"No matter how hard they're hit, it's a hit," Rivera said. "In the newspaper, it will be a line drive. So it doesn’t matter, they're hits."

Ha! A "newspaper." How quaint!

* * *

They Also Played...

Dodgers 15, Phillies 9: Andre Ethier(notes) and chums knocked Kyle Kendrick(notes) all of the way to Japan (hint, hint).

Rays 8, Tigers 0: Make it talk, Jeremy Hellickson(notes)!

Marlins 8, Nationals 2: This one will be remembered as the Strasmas where the reindeer up and died.

Orioles 14, Indians 8: Let's take this Showalter on the road, boys!

Cardinals 8, Reds 4: Yadier Molina(notes) just ain't buying what Brandon Phillips(notes) is selling.

Red Sox 7, Blue Jays 5: Mike Lowell(notes) is just like the characters in "Toy Story." People tried to throw him out because he was old and broken, but he somehow escaped doom with the help of Mr. Potato Head.

Mets 1, Rockies 0: Was it Mike Pelfrey(notes) pitching well for the first time in six weeks, or was it the Rox continuing to spit out the bit? Split up into discussion groups, meet back here in an hour, we'll go over it.

Braves 4, Astros 2: In a pinch, the Braves just stand back and let Brooks Conrad(notes) do his thing.

Twins 12, White Sox 6: Jim Thome(notes) should have popped open a Twinkie and taken a bite to celebrate Minnesota moving back into first place.

D-backs 2, Brewers 1: Kirk Gibson admitted he was looking at note cards when Miguel Montero(notes) hit the tie-breaking homer in the eighth. Ah, freshmen.

Angels 3, Royals 1: It's nice having the Royals around, isn't it, Dan Haren(notes)?

Padres 4, Pirates 1: After taking his manager's advice, new guy Ryan Ludwick(notes) hit a pair of homers. What was he told? Buddy Black said to "relax."

Mariners 2, Athletics 0: King Felix Hernandez(notes) says no!

Cubs 8, Giants 6: Sadly, Tim Lincecum(notes) is just a man this season.

* * *

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