The Juice: Raburn's hit salvages split for Tigers — but for what?

Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts at Comerica Park, where the Tigers pulled one out of their [hey-hey!] in the nightcap of a day-night doubleheader. But is it too late to matter this season for Miguel Cabrera(notes) and the boys?

Games of the Day
Blue Jays 5, Tigers 3
(Game 1)
Tigers 6; Blue Jays 5
(Game 2)

Bless you, boy: Ryan Raburn(notes) made what could have been a disastrous weekend merely kinda crappy for the Tigers. His three-run double keyed a four-run eighth in the nightcap of a day-night doubleheader, gaining the Tigers a split on the day and the series. Lyle Overbay(notes) won the earlier game with a ninth-inning homer off Big Potato Jose Valverde(notes).

Watch Raburn spare Detroit with winning baseball

What's so bad?: The team put Magglio Ordoñez and Carlos Guillen(notes) on the disabled list Saturday; Magglio has a broken ankle and will miss a minimum of six weeks. Jim Leyland relied on nine rookies to help the team get through Sunday. How are they going to get through August and September trying to pass the Twins and White Sox? Even if Miguel Cabrera wins the Triple Crown, it's probably too much heavy lifting for one guy.

One false move: The Tigers reportedly were in discussions for Dan Haren(notes). Do they keep trying to add big pieces, or just plug the holes and hope first place stays within their claws? This is why Dave Dombrowski gets paid the big bucks. I say, use the money saved by Magglio's option not vesting and give Cabrera some help in the lineup and another pitcher.

* * *

They Also Played...

Phillies 4, Rockies 3: Ah, not to worry about the Rockies, who've lost five in a row. They're just setting everyone up for one of those 22-out-of-23 streaks in September. Bank. On. It. Meanwhile, Dexter Fowler(notes) (right), fix your pants.

Yankees 12, Royals 6: Of course Sean O'Sullivan(notes) didn't win again in his second start at Yankee Stadium in six days. Last time he was playing for the Angels. This time, he was pitching for the Royals. That alone diminished his chances at least 94 percent.

(Also, I don't care what name someone comes up with — "Sean O'Sullivan" is no worse than a tie for the most Irish name possible.)

Marlins 5, Braves 4 (11 inn.): The Braves loaded the bases four times and got one pork chop run — one! — for their trouble. Here's the key: Next time, just put two guys on and it won't be so disappointing if they're stranded.

Rangers 6, Angels 4: The Rangers won three of four, but the Angels leave town like thieves in the night thanks to the Dan Haren deal.

Padres 6, Pirates 3: Three-game sweep. The Padres (58-39) are at their highest above .500 since 1998. They've never lost a series in PNC Park. Two years ago, the Pirates won four more games than the Padres. What does all this mean? YOU TELL ME.

Rays 4, Indians 2: On Saturday, the Rays snapped an 18-game losing streak at Progressive Field that dated to 2005. Now, I predict they won't lose there again until 2017.

Astros 4, Reds 0: The Reds have not scored in three consecutive Sundays. Confess your sins, Dusty Baker!

Brewers 8, Nationals 3: After sweeping the Gnats, the Braü Craü is only 8 1/2 games out. Are the Brewers making an ill-fated run for the top of the NL Central? I think they might. Macha Macha Macha. Macha Macha Macha.

Twins 10, Orioles 4: It was Africa hot at Camden Yards, so sweltering that Twins manager Ron Gardenhire rested every player on his team and still won the game. It's the darndest thing.

Dodgers 1, Mets 0: R.A. Dickey(notes) has to be every Mets fan's favorite Met by now.

Athletics 6, White Sox 4: For the first time in 10 starts since his perfect game May 9, it was Dallas Braden's(notes) mound again.

Giants 3, D-backs 2 (10 inn.): Stand aside — Joe Saunders(notes) can fix this.

Mariners 4, Red Sox 2: The M's have rebounded nicely the past two nights since the Chone Figgins(notes) "Look at the pretty bally rolling by" episode.

Cardinals 4, Cubs 3 (11 inn.): Is there even a question? The Cubs must sell, sell, sell!

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