The Juice: Orioles finally overtake Rays in 13-inning marathon

Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts at Camden Yards, where the First Lady was long gone by the time the Baltimore Orioles were done playing spoiler in July.

Game of the Day: Orioles 11, Rays 10 (13 inn.)

Never give up, never surrender: Nice job by the O's to keep plugging, despite being down four runs in the seventh, two runs in the ninth and 10-9 in the 12th. The Yankees and Red Sox appreciate it for sure. As does interim manager Juan Samuel (who apparently fended off Buck Showalter with a stick).

"It tells me that these guys are resilient. They don't give up," Samuel said.

Move it, move it, move it: But did Michelle Obama appreciate the comeback? Probably not, considering the White Sox are in a completely different division. She was at Camden Yards to kick off a White House/MLB initiative to smother childhood obesity.

That's just nuts: Carl Crawford(notes), who wasn't wearing a cup, got hit in the groin by Jake Arrieta's(notes) errant pickoff attempt. Crawford has a testicular contusion and is listed as day to day.

Back to back to back: Luke Scott(notes), Ty Wigginton(notes) and Adam Jones(notes) hit consecutive homers against Matt Garza(notes) in the second. Seven solo homers were hit in this game.

* * *

They Also Played...

Pirates 11, Brewers 9: Only the Bucs could put nine runs on the board in the first inning and then have to hold on for their lives down to the last out. Two home runs from Pedro Alvarez(notes), including a grand slam, and five hits by Neil Walker(notes). The Pirates and Brewers have the oddest games.

Rangers 8, Tigers 0: Tommy Hunter(notes) is the most awesome gigantic pitcher in the majors right now: 6-foot-3, 280 pounds and 7-0 with a 2.09 ERA. ... Conversely, did you know that, under manager Jim Leyland, the Tigers have never played over .500 in the second half?

D-backs 3, Mets 2: Two consecutive wins for Kirk Gibson. One more and it's a streak. Pounce on Juan Gutierrez(notes) (right) if you are desperate for saves — Arizona is!

Braves 4, Padres 1: Three homers in as many games from Matt Diaz(notes), who is one of the more peculiar players in the majors, right down to the way he pronounces his last name. In terms of ability, he's kind of like Jeff Francoeur(notes), had everything worked out. Power, dislikable strikeout-to-walk ratios.

Angels 10, Yankees 2: Three-run deep from Hideki Matsui(notes) and Sean O'Sullivan(notes), boyo, was too much on the mound.

Rockies 10, Marlins 0: If the Rockies can get Jeff Francis(notes) going, well, I don't have to tell you. (It's good.)

Reds 8, Nationals 7: Rookie Mike Leake(notes), in addition to being 7-1, is batting .385.

Blue Jays 13, Royals 1: Jose Bautista(notes) might be Canadian-Dominican Superman — he's got 26 home runs in, like 25 1/2 at-bats.

Athletics 5, Red Sox 4 (10 inn.): The last inning did drugs. Two ejections, a disputed balk, three Red Sox pitchers. Wacked out.

Cubs 14, Astros 7: It started with Lou Piniella announcing he was retiring. Then the Astros jumped ahead 7-1 in the fifth inning. The rest was all Cubs offense — mostly Aramis Ramirez(notes), who had three homers and seven RBIs. Why would Lou want to leave all that?

Indians 4, Twins 3: The Indians are the best team in the AL Central in the second half. They've gone 6-0 against the Twins and Tigers out of the chute. Shoot.

Cardinals 7, Phillies 1: Two Carpenters figured in the decision, but only the Phillies got hammered.

White Sox 4, Mariners 0: How about this: The Mariners should secretly switch their 25-man roster with Folgers crystals — AKA, the Tacoma Rainiers.

Giants 7, Dodgers 5: That ninth inning in Oakland was nothing compared with this one. An all-time quagmire, with Yahoo! Sports' own Tim Brown there for the blow by blow. Funny thing: The Dodgers just put George Sherrill(notes) on waivers, but they had him on the mound in an emergency trying to protect a lead in the ninth. Weird organization.

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