The Juice: Marlins get off the deck, stun Braves in extras

Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in sunny Florida, where the on-deck circle can be a dangerous place.

Game of the Day: Marlins 7, Braves 6 (10 inn.)

Head! Move! It's remarkable Emilio Bonifacio(notes) kept his composure after fouling a line drive off Logan Morrison's(notes) helmet as Morrison stood in the on-deck circle in the 10th inning. Just the sound of the ball making an impact is sickening.

Bonifacio, undaunted, lined the next pitch from left-hander Eric O'Flaherty(notes) into the gap for a leadoff triple (nice job cutting it off, Melky) and the Fish were in business.

Morrison was unavailable, so Scott Cousins(notes) stepped in and hit a long single over the drawn-in defense to give the Marlins a victory that left the Braves stunned. They had clawed back from an early 6-0 deficit.

Watch it all go down

Morrison was taken to the clubhouse, but he's expected to be OK.

"Definitely a roller-coaster," Cousins said. "You go from, 'Oh no, here's one of our hottest bats in the lineup going down,' to 'This nobody just hit a walk-off.' You can't really describe that. It's just crazy."

The Marlins, unlike the last time, even pulled off the postgame face pie without a major injury:

Yes, Hanley Ramirez's(notes) hair is still that color.

* * *

They Also Played...

Blue Jays 7, Yankees 3: The Yanks were doing fine — eight wins in a row — until that nosy A-Rod came off the DL and ruined everything.

Nationals 8, Pirates 1: In the future, games between also-rans will be played in a virtual reality stadium to save $$$ on overhead. Your cerebral cortex won't know the difference. Now finish your nano beer and Soylent Dog before the Robot Umpire Overlords make with the Seventh Inning Extinctions.

White Sox 7, Red Sox 5: Papelkhaaaaaaaan!

Orioles 8, Rays 7: Spoiler, schmoiler, the O's say.

"Spoiler or anything, we're going out there looking to win some games," said Nick Markakis(notes), who had two hits and two RBIs. "That's the main objective here, and I think we're on the right path."

Twins 6, Rangers 5: Bad touch!

Giants 3, Dodgers 0: Juan Uribe(notes) hits it deep to left — hey, head's up!

Rockies 4, Padres 2: Rocktubular.

Cardinals 4, Reds 2: Who is your dog in the Tony La Russa/Colby Rasmus hunt?

Brewers 6, Phillies 2: It would cost less than $1,000 to put right-hander Kyle Kendrick(notes) on a plane to Tokyo on Tuesday morning (coach, naturally).

Royals 2, Tigers 1: I saw the headline "Gordon, Davies lead KC" and I thought it was Tom Gordon(notes) at first. It's really Alex Gordon(notes). I had no opinion as to who "Davies" was.

Mets 18, Cubs 5: The Mets got closer to 100 runs than Ryan Dempster(notes) got to his 100th career victory.

Angels 7, Athletics 4: I still keep waiting for Mike Napoli(notes) to be traded, but I guess it's not happening, considering it's September.

Astros 3, D-backs 2: John Hester(notes) (left) and Astros catcher Jason Castro(notes) got their helmets mixed up after Hester makes a brutal baserunning decision. Guess which of these guys went to Stanford. ... Trick question! Both.

Mariners 3, Indians 0: Felix Hernandez(notes) might whittle his ERA down to invisible by the end of the season. One thing about the whole run-support thing for King Felix: Do the Mariners score runs for any of their pitchers? No, they do not. Do they score hugs? Yes. Or did, until Mike Sweeney(notes) up and left.

* * *

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