Josh Reddick, Coco Crisp have hair-A’s-ing time

David Brown
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Are either of these Oakland Athletics outfielders is using hair-enhancers? Nobody is saying for now. On the right, the Afro of Coco Crisp (or "Co-Fro") appears to be in mid-season form. Angela Davis is jealous, it's so kinky. Further, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Crisp and Josh Reddick (on the left) have entered into a beard-growing contest. There's no way Crisp can catch him, unless he somehow links his Afro to his cheeks, thereby inventing the FaceFro.

Reddick's hillbilly beard screams "Get off muh land!" but don't worry, folks. He doesn't bite. Hard.

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At Oakland's FanFest over the weekend, Crisp said the A's were in good shape to fend off the Rangers and Angels again in the AL West (and don't forget about those Houston Astros!). The key, Crisp says as quoted by the Chronicle, will be how new personalities will interact in the clubhouse.

"We'll figure out a new identity," he said. "I'm confident we can be A's-mazing again."

Reddick says, without punning, the A's just shouldn't fear the likes of Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton. Oakland beat them once, it can do it again:

"Expectations don't change. It's just a new crew and a new year," Reddick said. "We've been outcast like we were last year; everybody's throwing us out again. We have the firm belief we can do this again."

But first, we shave! Right, Josh?

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