Josh Hamilton home run strikes window of Camden Yards warehouse (VIDEO)

David Brown
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Just like he was Ken Griffey Jr. — only not quite as strong and with his helmet on forward — Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers hit a home run Thursday night that struck a second-floor window of the famous B&O Warehouse at Camden Yards. He hit six homers in the series, including four in the game on Tuesday night.

This one, though, hit a building 439 feet from home plate, becoming the 60th baseball to reach the fan pavilion on Eutaw St. since the park opened in 1992.

Watch the window just to the left of the right-field foul pole after the ball takes a hop:

What a pane. Baseball Time in Arlington asserts that the ball broke the window (which I want — even need — to believe ), but that can't be supported with certainty. If Hamilton had broken the window, I like to believe that he and the Baltimore Orioles on defense would have scattered like panicking 10-year-olds playing ball in the street after breaking a window in the neighborhood. "You'll pay for that, little Joshie Hamilton," the Old Man in the Warehouse would say.

It's funny, though, to hear the commentary of Tom Grieve on the Rangers broadcast, wondering what O's right-hander Tommy Hunter must have been thinking. Well, he can tell us himself (via

"He hit a baseball," Hunter said. "The dude is on fire. What do you want me to say? He is, he's a freak."

Coming into 2012, only 57 homers had reached Eutaw. Chris Davis hit the 59th in April. Before we get a second older, let's reminisce about Griff Jr. hitting the warehouse during the All-Star Home Run Derby at Camden Yards in 1993:

Even if Griffey had hit a window on a fly, it would have been hard for him to break glass. When the O's built Camden Yards and renovated the old warehouse, utilizing it in the design of the ballpark, workers installed 63 windows with shatterproof glass, the Baltimore Sun reported 20 years ago. Chances are that the window Hamilton hit was reinforced. That doesn't mean he didn't break it. So, if we could get more than, like, opinions on this, man, that would be far out.

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