Josh Beckett struck during BP, suffers mild concussion

Josh Beckett's(notes) string of bad luck continued on Monday. While shagging fly balls prior to Boston's spring training game with the Minnesota Twins in Fort Myers, Beckett was struck in the left temple by a baseball that was hit by Red Sox coaching assistant Ino Guerrero.

Guerrero's intent was to hit the ball towards a bucket located behind the second base bag. Unfortunately, either his bat control wasn't on par with that of a Dustin Pedroia(notes) or Beckett unknowingly walked into the line of fire.

Whatever the case, the Boston Red Sox right-hander was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now finds himself temporarily sidelined with a mild concussion after being hit.

From Extra Bases:

"[Beckett is] exhibiting symptoms of a mild concussion. He's got a headache. He's been evaluated already," manager Terry Francona said. "We'll get somebody to look at him tonight and then when he comes in tomorrow we'll check on him again to see what level, if any, of a workout he can do or should do. We'll go from there."

Peter Abraham also noted earlier Monday that this is actually Beckett's second batted ball incident this spring. Ten days ago he was hit in the face by a rag ball put into play by Francona.

Although head injuries can prove to be unpredictable as the Twins have learned with Justin Morneau(notes), the reports we've heard don't seem to indicate Beckett's injury will be prolonged. That's good news for Beckett, Red Sox Nation, and especially Ino Guerrero.

(By the way, Ino, I think a nice easy soft toss in the general direction of the ball bucket will suffice from now on. Those guys have enough to worry about with the team's lineup spraying bullets all over the field. They shouldn't have to be concerned about baseballs flying from at them from the side or from behind.)

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