Jose Canseco is a suspect in a Las Vegas rape case — and he’s tweeting all about it

Mike Oz

The bizarreness that is Jose Canseco's Twitter world, hit a new low Wednesday. The former MLB slugger, noted steroid user and social media sideshow act apparently announced to his 510,000 followers that he just been accused of rape in Las Vegas.

Canseco tweeted the following, then deleted it roughly 10 minutes later (we've blurred the name of his alleged accuser):

With Canseco, there's always a possibility that everything is a put-on. But this is legit. The Las Vegas Police Department issued this statement Thursday:

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating a Sexual Assault case. Jose Conseco [sic] has been named as the suspect in this investigation. At this time no charges have been filed and our investigation remains ongoing. Per department policy neither victim information or investigation details are available for release.

Jose didn't remain quiet on the matter, instead sending out a series of tweets after deleting the initial one. Here's the second:

Minutes later he posted a picture of his accuser, what he claims is her phone number and where she works. He wrote: "Funny i am willing to take a polygraph on national tv. [Redacted name] will u do the same." Some of these have since been deleted.

Canseco took a break from rape-talk to say he was "now getting on a flight to dallas fort worth," where he will join the Fort Worth Cats of independent ball as a 48-year-old player/coach.

No matter what happens next, this whole ordeal shows that the Jose Canseco-as-a-post-baseball-trainwreck act has gone from sad and mildly amusing to cringe-worthy and uncomfortable.

Writing the foreword to a weird novel? Fine. Tweeting that you've been accused of rape then belittling the accuser? Some things, Jose, are better kept private.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports contributed to this blog post.

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