Jose Canseco paints Bud Selig — as a fire-breathing dragon

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The living, breathing, tweeting baseball sideshow that is Jose Canseco has a new hobby — art.

He unveiled his first work Tuesday night on Twitter, a "portrait" of Major League Baseball commissioner (and noted Canseco nemesis) Bud Selig. I'm not an art expert, but I'd best describe his style as "a 7-year-old kid painting bad 'Super Mario Bros.' characters."

Offers to buy the painting have ranged from $1 (surely the ol' "Price is Right" trick) to $266 (in honor of Canseco's batting average) to "$50 and a 1987 Topps McGwire card" (which seems the most fair).

Skeptics, however, think that Canseco isn't actually behind the painting or even Twitter account. That it's all a PR ploy from a desperate-for-attention ex-ballplayer. The second part? Of course it is. The first part? Who knows.

For what it's worth — and it might not be worth much at all:

Spoken like a truly proud 7-year-old. Way to go, Jose.

We at Big League Stew now hereby bestow upon you an artist name: Vincent Van GoStickANeedleInYourself. We await your next masterpiece.

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