Jose Canseco’s Old Milwaukee commercials are now online for everyone to enjoy

Back in July, the Internet was abuzz with whispers of a Jose Canseco-Old Milwaukee ad campaign that had aired on local television in Kansas City during the All-Star game festivities. Deadspin even captured a few grainy clips of the commercials via someone filming their TV with a Treo or some equivalent antique smartphone like this was 2008.

But this being 2012, we wanted — nay, demanded! — better. If a revived yard beer was looking to claim a market share among the hipsters and young sports fans wishing to quench both their thirst for cheap suds and irony then we would naturally expect their viral buzz-creating videos to actually be posted, you know, online and with a high embeddable quality.

It only took two months, but as Awful Advertising points out, four spots that Canseco recorded for Old Milwaukee are now on YouTube. The best of the bunch is the commercial embedded above, in which Canseco tries to cheer up downtrodden Kansas City Royals fans:

"1985. That was a great year for you, Kansas City. After that, everyone said you guys went into a slump. You didn't go into a slump. The rest of the world started cheating. Here's to not cheating, KC. Sometimes last place is first place."

The other three aren't quite as funny, though the final clip contains a certain sad poetry without Canseco even saying a single word. Enjoy.  

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