Jose Berrios’ reaction to being drafted by the Twins was pure and unbridled joy (VIDEO)

Kevin Kaduk
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As my good friend Sam Mellinger wrote on Thursday about the young and earnest Miami Heat fan, it's so easy to be cynical these days. Optimism and sincerity have become so rare that any appearance by either quality is immediately met with skepticism and an immediate search for another explanation.

It also isn't often that we see unscripted moments of pure joy and emotion like the one in this video below. Watch as the reality of being drafted really starts to sink in for Jose Berrios — an 18-year-old Puerto Rican pitcher who was picked by the Minnesota Twins with the 32nd selection earlier this week:

Even if your first impulse was to make a joke about Berrios apparently not hearing that he had been drafted by the Twins or that he had just dumped all of his leverage down the drain — I was initially guilty on both charges — you have to admit that scene was pretty cool. That's what a dream coming true is supposed to look like.

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