Jose Bautista shut down for the rest of the Blue Jays’ disappointing season

Mike Oz

You know when you're excited to go to a party and then you get there and it's really, really disappointing? And you just want to leave early, but you can't because everybody would notice and that would be embarrassing.

Well, the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays are that disappointing party and Jose Bautista is a lucky guy in this sense — he gets to leave early.

The Blue Jays on Wednesday shut down Bautista for the rest of the season. It's not a huge surprise. He's been out since Aug. 20 with a femur bone bruise — another injury woe for the hobbled Blue Jays, who have limped their way to a 64-75 record. This is in a season, mind you, where they were anointed preseason favorites to win the World Series. At this point, nobody's going to miss Bautista all that much. It's better to rest up, heal up and try again next year.

Bautista' season ends with a 259/.358/.498 batting line and 28 homers with 73 RBIs, which isn't near his MVP-contending seasons of a few years back. It's pretty similar, actually, to his 2012 campaign, which was also cut short because of injury. Bautista got the "shut down" notice on Aug. 28 last year.

On the positive side? Maybe this will motivate the Toronto police to write us another funny report.

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