Jose Bautista dedicated Friday’s game to young Blue Jays fan who died tragically

It started with a tweet from a grieving father to big league All-Star Jose Bautista, and in one response it became a full fledged dedication of Friday night's game in Toronto to his son's memory.

On Wednesday, Steve Lendosky, father of 9-year-old Derek Lendosky, who died in an accident last Sunday just three days before his 10th birthday, reached out to the Toronto Blue Jays slugger with the sad news of his son's death.

Despite living in Fennimore, WI, Derek had grown up a Blue Jays fan, and more specifically a fan of Bautista's, and his father simply wanted Bautista to know that he'd lost a fan and someone who idolized him. Though Lendosky asked for nothing, Bautista was moved enough by his tweet that he announced prior to Friday night's game against the Oakland A's that he would dedicate it to Derek Lendosky's memory.

A classy gesture by the four-time All-Star. And wouldn't you know, despite the Blue Jays falling 14-6 to the A's thanks largely to Josh Reddick's three home runs, Bautista came through big on his dedication, connecting for a home run and two doubles.

It's amazing what a few little words and one swing of the bat can do to raise people's spirits.

And not just those affected by tragedy.

Well done, Jose Bautista. You may have lost one fan, but your actions and your kindness have earned you many, many more.

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