Jordany Valdespin OK after getting hit in sensitive spot by Justin Verlander 94-mph fastball

David Brown
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It's a good thing Jordany Valdespin of the New York Mets has a sense of humor, and it's also a good thing he was born with strong genitalia. Because he got hit in a very vulnerable place on a fastball by Detroit's Justin Verlander during Grapefruit League play:

Verlander was just as blunt in describing what he saw:

Hey, if these guys can be so cavalier about franks and beans, we can too. But make no mistake: There's a BIG difference between getting hit in the frank and getting hit in the beans. An injury to the frank can hurt, but a whack to the beans can be debilitating. It feels like death. Another thing that makes a difference: Wearing a cup. A lot of players don't — and Puma says he was told Valdespin was not wearing one. He's lucky.

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Valdespin, who is developing a knack for doing amazing things and saying sillier things, actually led off the game with a home run against Verlander. Puma speculated that Valdespin did a little bit too much hot-dogging on the homer, because it was during his next plate appearance when Verlander's hard stuff found Valdespin's sensitive stuff.

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Asked later how he was doing, Valdespin responded with some good news:

There's no need to run down the checklist of how he knows for sure. Let's just take him at his word. And youngsters out there, always wear a cup. If you don't, you'll get a visit from The Nutty Buddy.

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