Jordany Valdespin calls Mets manager Terry Collins ‘[expletive] sucker’ on way to minors

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Along with a ... colorful personality, Jordany Valdespin has provided occasional big moments with his bat over the past two partial seasons with the New York Mets. Pinch-hit home runs in clutch situations. Daring baserunning. That kind of thing. Mostly, though, he has been more trouble than he was worth.

Valdespin helped prove that very point Saturday, after the Mets told him that he had been demoted to the minor leagues, by reportedly lashing out in response. The New York Post seems an appropriate place to go for what happened:

According to a Mets source, the volatile utilityman, upon learning he had been demoted to Triple-A Las Vegas on Saturday, got into a confrontation with Terry Collins, during which he called the manager a[n] “[expletive] sucker.”

The source said Valdespin, in the course of his heated exchange with Collins, also tried to invent an injury and demanded to be placed on the disabled list.

By the time the clubhouse opened to reporters in the aftermath of the Mets’ 4-2 loss to the Pirates, the 25-year-old Valdespin had regained composure, but had tears in his eyes.

While inventing an injury takes some ingenuity, we have to take off points for calling the manager a bad name, one of the worst possible. As the Post points out, Valdelspin's behavior actually is not that out of whack for Valdespin, who also is known for showboating on home runs, not wearing an athletic cup (and regretting it) and for wearing Miami Marlins apparel and modeling it on his blog.

That's just too much ... personality for someone not hitting too much (.219/.271/.380 for his career) in the big leagues. What's the worst thing you've ever called your boss? Never mind, don't answer that.

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