Jonny Gomes and Shane Victorino appear on Conan O’Brien TV show

David Brown
Big League Stew

Jonny Gomes showed off his sweet custom boots and chewed on his own scraggly beard Tuesday night as the Boston Red Sox World Series Champs World Tour made its way to the Conan O'Brien show on TBS. A clean-shaven Shane Victorino joined Gomes. They talked beard-tugging, and how Mike Napoli hates it when someone does it to him, but doesn't mind putting his fingers in Gomes' mouth "like I'm some kind of bass," Gomes said, in order to get maximum tug. Eww.

Semi-hilarity ensued, but Gomes also provided a poignant moment when remembering how the Boston Marathon bombings changed the lives of everyone connected with the city, including the baseball team:

"We're supposed to be the strong-backed, strong-legged [ones], to carry everyone and put smiles on everyone's faces," Gomes said. "But I think it was the other way around. We jumped on Boston's back. I mean, they wouldn't let us quit."

Gomes then made a point about how the bombings happened near the Marathon's finish line and could have served to keep people away from attending other popular public events, such as baseball games, because of fear. Didn't happen, at least in a way that could be noticed obviously.

"If everyone in Boston could get a ring, they'd deserve one, too," Gomes said.

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