Jonathan Papelbon's old Dirty Dancing video, courtesy of Mom

I imagine that all of us have videos or photos from high school that we wouldn't necessarily want hitting YouTube or cable television. Fortunately, most of us don't have mothers named Sheila Papelbon, who just pulled off the, uh, "mother" of all pranks on her son, Jonathan.

Working in concert with Comcast SportsNet and none other than Big Papi himself, Sheila dug into the Papelbon family archives and unearthed a tape of Jonathan performing the Patrick Swayze role in a spoof of Dirty Dancing. Where it gets better is that Jonathan's best friend — he's a man, man — plays the part of Jennifer Grey during this scene. What ensues is a dance routine that ignites the crowd at Bishop Kenny High School and — several years later — every person standing in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse.

All in good fun, though, and if I haven't said it before, I'll say it now — It's nice to see that despite all the success the Red Sox have earned over the past 4-5 years, their clubhouse hasn't turned into the type of corporate-dronery that it otherwise might have. It's nice to still see them having fun being themselves and not retreating into a personality of how they think others believe they should behave. Well done, Bostonians.

Comcast Sports isn't allowing any embedding any of the video so click here for three different versions of the video (including David Ortiz' post-screening interview), plus a mockup of the DD poster featuring Cinco-Ocho's mug. It seriously might be the best laugh you get all day.

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