Johnny Damon’s faux hawk has returned

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

We now interrupt these winter meetings to note that Johnny Damon's faux hawk is back and that it is big and beautiful. Hypnotizing, too. (There's a rumor that the outfielder's former Captain Caveman persona appears if you stare at the center of this collage.)

Damon donned the 'do while presenting an award at the NASCAR shindig in Las Vegas over the weekend. He originally opted for the cut as a member of the Detroit Tigers in 2010 and one wonders if it's helping Damon cope with turning 39 at the start of November. The free-agent outfielder played for Team Thailand during its unsuccessful qualifying attempt for the World Baseball Classic last month and has acknowledged that his MLB playing days may be over. Damon was DFA'ed by the Cleveland Indians in the middle of the 2012 season and the chances seem remote that any team will give Damon a roster spot from which to take a long shot at 3,000 hits. (Damon's career total is 2,769 hits, just five away from Andre Dawson, who occupies the 50th spot on the all-time list.)

Whatever ends up happening, Damon will almost assuredly remain in the public eye. With an outgoing personality, a great smile and, yes, a keen eye for counterculture fashion, he seems tailor-made for a broadcasting gig whenever he officially calls it a career.

Like his resurrected faux hawk, he'll wear it well.

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