John Axford hangs his Robert Goulet mustache award among cherished liquor

David Brown

Some professional athletes gather their trophies and stow them in their closets or basements, never to see them again until they put them up for sale in order to raise some cash. Others, like Greg Maddux for example, build a "Dig Me" room inside their house and display their awards proudly as decorations.

John Axford of the Milwaukee Brewers simply split the difference with his plaque of Robert Goulet, won a year ago this past October, by placing it among his most treasured possessions.

Recently via Instagram, he sent word:

My Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award right (where) it should be! With Scotch! @MustacheTalk

Quite fitting, considering Goulet's elegance and style. And it looks like Axford has collected some fine alcohol samples, many of which Robert Goulet would have no doubt enjoyed after a night on stage.

Speaking of booze: After leading the league in saves in 2011 (and taking home the Goulet), Axford struggled mightily in 2012. He blew nine saves and finished with a 4.67 ERA, which might have driven some Brewers fans to drink because of those crazy ninth innings. (Oh, commenters can be so rude.)

Regardless, here's to Axford rebounding in 2013 (his September was strong, so that's a good starting point) and collecting another Goulet for his booze bar. In the meanwhile, let's enjoy the Bob Goulet Christmas special from some years back:

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