Joe Mikulik Meltdown, Part III: Minor league manager does striptease at plate

David Brown

He's Joe Mikulik, the minor league manager with the hilariously bad temper. You might remember him from such meltdowns as the infamous ones in 2012 and 2006, when he managed the Class A Asheville Tourists of the Colorado Rockies organization. He no longer works for them, but he's still managing — the Class A Myrtle Beach Pelicans of the Texas Rangers organization — and he's still melting down. 

He's also stripping down — as in out of his clothes. Some of them, anyway.

Mikulik argued a call at the plate made by umpire Adam Beck in the fifth inning Sunday, getting ejected from a 9-1 loss to Salem after he angrily pointed in Beck's face several times, threw his cap, slid into home plate twice to recreate the disputed play, and even removed his jersey and shoes in protest. Thankfully, he stopped there and walked off the field.

It was bad behavior at its worst, and a terrible example to set for his players and any kids watching in the stands — even though we all (most?) shamefully laugh at it. We feed the Mikulik Anger Troll, people!

Mikulik's displeasure stemmed (at least in the present) from the top of the fifth when Myrtle Beach's Christopher Bostick grounded into a 5-2-3 inning-ending double play, with Luis Mendez being tagged out at the plate. There's no video of the play, but it was Mendez's slide that Mikulik apparently was repeating for Beck.

Oh, Joe.

It got weird after Mikulik walked toward home and started to kick more dirt on the plate, but instead removed both of his shoes, placing them in front of the plate. With the Salem crowd encouraging him, Mikulik pulled the jersey over the top of his head, placed it on the ground near his shoes, and motioned his clothes, "Safe!" Mikulik walked off the field, leaving his clothes and leaving pitching coach Steve Mintz to play the part of valet.

The crowd roared because it was entertaining, and because minor league baseball is known for a carnival atmosphere. Stuff like this should be expected there. Heck, when Billy Martin managed in the majors, periodic tirades were demanded. It also should occur to us, however, that Beck is a person and Mikulik's actions not only ridicule himself, but they also humiliate the umpire. 

Ah, nobody cares. Just light the fuse and watch ol' Joe blow!

Please, compare the striptease tirade to Mikulik's earlier work:


That was 2006. What about 2012?


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