Joe Maddon calls old boss, apologizes for harnessing his Halos

As a former charge of Mike Scioscia in Anaheim, one might have expected Joe Maddon to give some preferential playing time treatment to the two Angels who showed up in St. Louis for the All-Star Game.

But after being complimented on his specs by the President himself, Maddon never found time to tap Chone Figgins(notes) or Brian Fuentes(notes) on the shoulder, leading him to call Scioscia on Wednesday to apologize.*

From the Los Angeles Times:

"Joe said he felt bad that he couldn't get all the guys in," Scioscia said after an optional players' workout at Angel Stadium. "It was a close game and you have to be prepared for extra innings, so he was saving Figgy.

"Had the game been tied, he said Fuentes would have started the ninth inning. If the game was a blowout, he could have done more. We understand."

In the whole scheme of things, the omissions weren't the biggest deal. Fuentes and Figgins had company because six other AL team members rode the pine with them.

But I still think it stinks for a fan of any team to tune into the All-Star Game to see their guy, only to walk away disappointed. Especially when that team is in first place at the break, like the Angels are in the American League West.

Feeling jilted (and apparently having plenty of time on their hands) Halos Heaven hit up STATS LLC to find the times a first place team didn't see any players on the field during the All-Star Game. Here's the list with the 2003 Royals being the last team to sit on their hands at the Midsummer Classic. (The AL manager that year? Mike Scioscia.)

*No word on if Maddon apologized for picking Tim Wakefield(notes) over Jered Weaver(notes), too.

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