Is Joba's beard the 'hair' apparent to Giambi's mustache?

As you might have heard, a few baseball players made appearances at the Sharp booth at the Consumer Electronics Show last week. Of note, here's the once baby-faced Joba Chamberlain doing his best to celebrate Manuary like the rest of us bearded Midwestern folk.

Personally, I think Joba's chinstrap-for-beginners has some potential and as someone already missing Giambino's toothbrush, I can only hope he and the Yankees' brass allow it to reach its full potential. Perhaps Johnny Damon can offer a few grooming pointers once they hit Tampa?

If Joba needs further convincing, a good case was made by some of the best pitchers of the '80s. I've included some pictures of those handsome and hirsute hurlers below the jump and he can find a more comprehensive list over at Rich's Home Run Derby.

From left to right: Jeff Reardon, Rick Sutcliffe, Bruce Sutter

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