Joba Chamberlain's mother steps out of the shadows

To this point, the mythology of Joba Chamberlain has mostly been a heartwarming made-for-TV tale. As the story goes, it's the tale of a single father (Harlan Chamberlain) fighting polio and other health problems while building a closer-than-close relationship with his two children (Joba and his sister, Tasha).

It's the type of baseball story we all eat up.

It's the type of journey that makes you like Joba — or at least respect him— no matter if you like or dislike the Yankees.

But on Sunday, the Joba Chamberlain story became a little sadder and made us feel for the guy even more than we did in the first place. In what's believed to be her first published interview, Joba's mother, Jackie Standley, came forth to share her story in the Lincoln Journal Star.

A self-confessed past meth user, Jackie says the oft-repeated story that Harlan raised Joba and Tasha on his own is not entirely true and that she had much more contact with her now-estranged children. It's an incredibly sad story and definitely worth the read to realize that none of us — not even athletes performing on the biggest stage — are immune from major family problems. After reading it, I can only wish the best for everyone involved.

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