Joba Chamberlain: ‘I sold my trampoline’

David Brown
Big League Stew

Three bits of news come from that official MLB tweet:

1. Joba Chamberlain cleans up OK in a suit.

2. He plans to make peace with Kevin Youkilis (or try), presumably at spring training. The two have had their share of brushbacks and such through the years, being on opposite sides of the Yankees-Red Sox thing. Chamberlain reportedly left a message with Youkilis shortly after he signed with the Yanks this offseason. If you're thinking: "What else are they going to do? They're teammates." Well, guys can hold grudges. But we can't have Chamberlain aiming for Youkilis' head over at third base, although that might be amusing. So now we'll have Chamberlain hugging Youkilis until he submits.

3. Thank goodness the evil trampoline is no more. Chamberlain must have learned something from his mishap this past March, when he sprung up on a family trampoline and came down wrong on his right ankle, causing a hideous dislocation that more or less ruined his season. Wonder how much he got for it. Could be a couple of grand, perhaps more with the good backstory. And for you who think that Joba's not out of the woods yet, that he could still do something silly, because trampolines don't hurt people — people hurt people — well, there's that.

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