Jeter says he doesn't know defensive metrics or play video games

We were bound to hear from Derek Jeter(notes) regarding the negative reaction to him winning his fifth career Gold Glove earlier this week.

To recap: Major league managers and coaches voted Jeter was the best defensive shortstop in the AL, despite most defensive metrics showing he had a poor season in the field.

Reporters caught up to the New York Yankees captain on Thursday and asked him about, among other things, the backlash.

Via the Twitter of Newark Star-Ledger beat reporter Marc Carig:

Jeter's response to what defensive metrics say about him: "I don't know. I don't play video games."

Funny as heck — as was this response to Jeter.

I'm pretty sure, though, that Jeter is aware of what the defensive metrics say because — as the above photo with pal Tiger Woods clearly shows — he does indeed play video games.

The defense rests, your honors. (Although not as much as Jeter rested on defense in '10. But seriously, folks...)

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