Jeter experiences déjà vu with second inside-the-park homer

Derek Jeter(notes) turned Yankee Stadium into his own hot tub time machine on Thursday.

A day after our own Alex Remington posted that Jeter's speed has been just fine during his recent slump, the New York Yankees star backed it up by wheeling around the bases for the second inside-the-park home run of his career. At 36, Jeter is the oldest Yankee to pull one off since Earle Combs touched all four bags at the same age in 1935.

And as notes, there were a couple of eerie similarities to his first inside-the-park homer, which came in his rookie year in 1996 and was the sixth overall homer of his career.

Watch Jeter go 'round the world

Not only did both round trips come against the Kansas City Royals, but both involved an outfielder injuring himself on the play. David DeJesus(notes) crashed into the Yankee Stadium fence on Thursday night and suffered a thumb injury that will likely keep him from playing in the rest of the series. In 1996, Tom Goodwin injured his shoulder while chasing the ball.

Also, if Yanks manager Joe Girardi thought the play looked familiar, he had a good reason to: He was standing on second base in Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium and later scored when Jeter launched his hit in 1996.

So what did Jeter identify as the main difference between the two home runs?

"It's a little harder to get around the bases," Jeter said. "But it's still fun."

He's weighed down by a few more rings on his fingers now, too.