New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rips Yankees radio team and Ruben Amaro while co-hosting on WFAN

David Brown

New Jersey Governor and possible presidential candidate Chris Christie re-affirmed his status as a New York Mets fan while co-hosting a WFAN radio show Monday, vowing to burn at a bonfire a New York Yankees pinstriped jersey he had received, and that the Yankees radio team was "God-awful" and "turns his stomach." He also ripped Philadelphia Phillies' GM Ruben Amaro, saying he was "awful" at his job, and that the team mishandled the firing of manager Charlie Manuel.

Lots of baseball opinions here. Are any of them wrong? Just kidding. Of course you shouldn't burn a polyester jersey in a fire — think of the toxic fumes!

Most of Christie's sports-talk-radio wrath was saved for longtime Yankees voice John Sterling. Christie got faux annoyed when co-host Craig Carton started playing drop-ins from the Yankees radio broadcasts that included the voices of Sterling and Suzyn Waldman:

"I don't want to hear one more thing from John Sterling. You can play Suzyn Waldman any time you want, but John Sterling turns my stomach. ... I just can't take him."

Although, at some point, Christie also referred to Waldman as "awful." But he *is* a Mets fan and might be biased against all things Bronx Bombers. To his credit, Christie did complain about "the small 'd' " in the last name of top Mets prospect Travis d'Arnaud and said the Yankees would take care of that because they don't put names on the backs of jerseys. He might be a shameless self-promotor — duh, he's in politics — but Christie knows his baseball.

Regardless, Christie is going to rile up any number of his varied constituents with this kind of talk. It's a good thing that the Philadelphia Inquirer broke down most of his opinions into digestible form:

3) "Can you believe that dope?" A guy at a Mets game that Christie attended last week was wearing the jersey of Collin Cowgill, who started the season for the Mets in centerfield but was quickly demoted. The "dope," of course, is the guy still wearing the jersey in August.

4) "They will be smores at the bonfire tonight...when I burn them." On the Yankees jerseys that he received as gifts on the show. One of the jerseys read "Gov. President Christie."

5) Yankees announcer [Suzyn] Waldman is "God awful" and her co-announcer John Sterling "turns my stomach." The Mets, meanwhile, have the best broadcast team in baseball, he declared.

6) "If there's any team that I hate almost as much as the Yankees, it's the Philadelphia Phillies." He also said Ruben Amaro is an "awful" general manager, and Charlie Manuel's firing was handled "disgracefully."

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