Jerry Blevins swiftly changes into homemade Washington Nationals uniform after learning of trade

David Brown

Jerry Blevins obviously has a sense of humor, even about being traded. The Oakland Athletics dealt Blevins to the Washington Nationals on Wednesday afternoon, and not long after finding out he had to move, Blevins went to work looking for materials to make a new uniform. Can't be seen walking around in A's stuff, no matter how classy the green and gold might look.

In order to get current, Blevins printed out a couple of Nats' "W" logos on pieces of paper and pasted them to the breast side a plain gray sweatshirt and to the forehead of a red and white trucker's cap. It was like Gio Gonzalez was in the room, or something. He also wore his glove for full effect and had a picture taken to make something of a baseball card. Like one of those horrible airbrush jobs Topps used to do before digital photography.

On Twitter, he said of his avatar:

I needed to update my avi without notice. I think it was a seamless transition.

He's also excited to learn about #natitude. His final words to the A's:

One thing: The photograph was strangely cropped, like there's something in that room to Blevins' left he didn't want us to see. A mess, perhaps.

No matter, the Nats are getting a very effective left-handed pitcher, who has compiled a 3.30 ERA in 267 career innings, along with a 239-95 strikeout-to-walk ratio. And a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously.

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