Jermaine Jackson makes a heckuva catch at Dodger Stadium

Reggie Jackson, Bo Jackson, Edwin Jackson(notes), Shoeless Joe Jackson.

If you're a baseball fan, you have to consider adding another Jackson to your list of favorite Jacksons.

Friday night at Dodger Stadium, singer Jermaine Jackson made one of the best catches by a non-major-league Jackson in major league history.

Standing by his seat in the front row behind the home dugout, the 54-year-old Jackson made a reaching grab of a foul ball hit by L.A.'s Rafael Furcal(notes).

Jackson wore a glove (of course) and a No. 99 Manny Ramirez(notes) home jersey. He smiled broadly as fans applauded and congratulated him on his catch. I wonder how many happy moments he's had since losing Michael this summer.

Here's the video clip, which includes praise from Dodgers announcer Vin Scully — who seemed to have no idea a celebrity caught the ball.

Folks sometimes frown on adult fans bringing gloves to baseball games. I think it's fine, even prudent, especially if you have seats close to the action. And there's no way Jackson makes the catch without the leather.

Below, two more angles on the play, plus other reasons to like Jermaine.

Only baseball gives that man the kind of joy he's feeling right there.

The only Jackson to truly emerge from Michael's shadow and have long-term pop success is Janet (Miss Jackson, if you must), but I always appreciated Jermaine for his soulful ballad "Do What You Do" and the video that accompanied it back in '84. It's no "Thriller" but anything that pays homage to "The Godfather" and co-stars Iman is worth a look.

And now, he proves he's got baseball skills. Well done, Jermaine.

For the record, here's my list of Best Jacksons Ever (regardless of baseball):

1. Vincent "Bo"
2. Andrew Joshua
3. Reggie
4. Michael
5. Samuel L.
6. Phil
7. Janet
8. Action
9. "Famous" Jett
10. Jermaine (with a bullet)

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