Jeremy Guthrie uses Twitter to find throwing partner in Kansas City

Kansas City Royals right-hander Jeremy Guthrie takes his offseason throwing program seriously, which might help explain why he‘s been able to reach 30 starts and top 175 innings pitched in each of his first seven MLB seasons. That level of consistency and durability is hard to come by these days.

The only problem is, sometimes it can be difficult to stay on schedule since throwing partners aren’t as readily available in the middle of December as they are in the middle of the season. On those occasions when Guthrie can't track somebody to workout with him, he has to get creative to find a teammate for the day. That's exactly what he did on Friday when he took to Twitter to broaden his search.

In a matter of two minutes, Guthrie had his first response.

It was Wesley's lucky day. The only qualifications he needed to meet were owning a glove and a way of transportation to Guthrie's undisclosed location. He met both, so the throwing session was on in Kansas City.

"I just kept telling myself to not act like I'm 12, and to make good throws," Wesley told's Cut 4. "I definitely didn't wake up this morning expecting to play catch with an MLB pitcher."

According to the Cut 4 story, Guthrie and Wesley played short toss and long toss for about 40 minutes, but also took time to get to know each by swapping stories about their children. It started as an offseason throwing session, but it quickly morphed into an unlikely bonding session between two fathers who love the same wonderful game.

The signed baseball and bat were nice gestures as well by Guthrie, but it's the story itself and the stories they told that will live for generations and generations. Those are priceless.

No wonder Wesley wants to repeat it as soon as possible.

It should be noted this isn't the first time Guthrie has played catch with a fan. While pitching for the Colorado Rockies early last season he met up with a college student at Coors Field who lost his leg to cancer.

Here's hoping it's not the last time we hear about it, either.

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