‘Jeopardy!’ trivia show pokes fun at Astros

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The Houston Astros finished the 2013 season with a won-loss record of 51-111, and were 45 games out of first place in the American League West. They allowed the most runs in Major League Baseball and scored the second-fewest (Go White Sox!). Further, they lost 34 games by at least five runs — the standard which Baseball-Reference.com uses for a "blowout loss." If you're more charitable and go with an eight-run deficit as the baseline, they only dropped 11 of those.

No matter, that's where the popular trivia show "Jeopardy!" comes in. Host Alex Trebek and the gang made use of the baseball blowout metaphor in making fun of the 'Stros when giving the $1,000 clue Monday night during a tournament for teachers:

The large valve used to control wellbore fluids on oil rigs is this "preventer "; the Astros could have used one

Up stepped Katie Moriarty of Cincinnati, a fifth-grade teacher (that's the best grade). Presumably a Reds fan, she knocked it out of the park:

What is a "blowout preventer"?

Aww, stuff it, Trebek! How many of us would have said "closer"? That would have been over-thinking it.

Though she sat in second place through the Jeopardy! round, sadly, Ms. Moriarty's baseball/oil-rig knowledge did not help her win semifinal game 1. She ended up with zero dollars after not knowing the final Jeoprady! question for:

Charles Evans Hughes laid the cornerstone for this building on October 13, 1932 & got to work in it for about 6 years

He was the 11th chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. He also was governor of New York, which might be why two of the other finalists asked, "What is the Empire State Building?" Ms. Moriarty, really over-thinking it, asked, "What is the Flatiron Building?"

Nope. Supreme Court building.

The final Jeopardy! question this morning is: "Which major league team will we embarrass next?"

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