Jeffrey Loria writes ‘Letter to our Fans’ in Miami newspapers

In an attempt to save face — that’s either several years or four months too late, depending on when you first jumped on their bandwagon — Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria took out a full page ad in the Sunday morning editions of the Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post and South Florida Sun-Sentinel and penned a special "Letter to our Fans."

The letter itself covers several topics of concern for his ballclub and is rather lengthy, so we'll only include a couple excerpts to give you an idea of the message Loria was hoping to get across to his dwindling fanbase.


It's no secret that last season was not our best — actually it was one of our worst. In large part, our performance on the field stunk and something needed to be done. As a result of some bold moves, many grabbed hold of our tough yet necessary decision only to unleash a vicious cycle of negativity. As the owner of the ballclub, the buck stops with me and I take my share of the blame where it's due. However, many of the things being said about us are simply not true. I've sat by quietly and allowed this to continue. Now it's time for me to respond to our most important constituents, the fans who love the game of baseball.

Did I say this was an attempt to save face? Maybe I should have said it was an attempt to further bury himself.

Rough start. Let's see what else he's got.


The simple fact is that we don't have unlimited funds, nor does any baseball team or business. Fans didn't turn out last season as much as we'd like, even with the high-profile players the columnists decry us having traded. The main ingredient to a successful ball club is putting together a winning team, including a ncecessary core of young talent. Are we fiscally capable and responsible enough to fill the roster with talented players, invest in the daily demands of running a world-class organization and bring a World Series back to Miami? Absolutely! Is it sound business sense to witness an expensive roster with a terrible record and sit idly by doing nothing? No. I can and will invest in building a winner, but last season wasn't sustainable and we needed to start from scratch quickly to build this team from the ground up.

This is sure going to be a fun year in Miami, isn't it?

Loria also addressed the team's roster, Marlins Ballpark and his desire to open stronger lines of communication with the fans in his letter, which you can read it in full over at the Miami Herald. That's where we'll send you now if you think you can handle more of this. Maybe run it through your own personal lie detector test to see if you find anything resembling the truth.

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