Jeffrey Loria unleashes T. rex at Marlins Park to avenge Tino Martinez

David Brown

That's not really why a dinosaur was roaming around Marlins Park on Sunday, getting spied in the photo above by manager Mike Redmond. But would anyone put it past Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, considering what Yahoo! Sports' own Jeff Passan reported Monday?

People throughout the organization were disgusted by his handling of Chris Valaika earlier this week, as the Miami Herald reported. Valaika was one of the players verbally abused by hitting coach Tino Martinez, who has since resigned. Martinez was Loria's personal hire, and, still angered by Martinez leaving, Loria personally stopped Valaika's promotion from Triple-A and instead insisted the Marlins call up journeyman Gil Velazquez.

It was as vindictive and ugly a personnel move as Loria has engaged in, and that's saying something.

Oh, and the T. rex, named Sue? Not an instrument of revenge (CHOMP) for T-no Martinez, no matter its apex predator status. Instead, she (presumably) was there on behalf of the Miami Children's Museum, along with CEO Deborah Spiegelman, for purposes of fun and learning:

The museum, and Marlins Park, actually seem like fun places to visit. As long as Jose Fernandez pitches. And the Home Run Thingy goes off. And there's dinosaurs. And Loria keeps a low profile. Unless it's him in a dinosaur suit.

Also, Tweet of the Day goes to the Colorado Rockies:

Now, all they need is to bring Sue the T. rex back to Coors Field so it can do its worst to Dinger. Or at least scare him into wearing pants.

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