Jeff Passan's Fourth Annual Opening Day Blogapaloozathon

Welcome to Jeff Passan's Fourth Annual Blogapaloozathon, a yearly festival chronicling baseball's opening day for those stuck at work or otherwise occupied. Starting at 1 p.m. ET, we'll be addressing your questions and comments on all the day's non-postponed games as well as those that concern specific teams, players, our predictions for the season, what Jeff Passan should eat for lunch and whether Claire on "Lost" is dead (C.J. Wilson says no, Jeff says yes). Any other inanity is also encouraged. Bring the funny.

Guest stars include Kevin Kaduk, Tim Brown, Gordon Edes, Dave Brown, the Bride, the Tot and the Father-in-Law. We'd also say to expect a big name, but we're still trying to get in touch with Carl Balboaz's agent and/or Steve Henson. No promises.

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