Jeff Kent will be on ‘Survivor: Philippines’ (Report)

David Brown
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With the show's producers apparently unaware he once injured himself washing his car, former major leaguer Jeff Kent reportedly finds himself among the competitors in "Survivor: Philippines."

That revelation about the show's 25th season comes from a contributor to known as "missaye." CBS has not confirmed Kent's appearance yet, so let's not get too excited.

Still, this would give me a reason to actually watch the show, which I have never seen since it first aired in 2000. But based on what others have said and the ridiculous-looking commercials for the show, Kent would seem to be a great fit.

• We know that Kent, now 44 years old, was athletic enough to play major-league ball from 1992-2008, when he hit 377 home runs and averaged .290/.356/.500 with an NL MVP Award in 2000 with the Giants. So he should be able to scale rocky cliffs and swim shark-infested waters with little trouble.

• We know that Kent can be a conniving liar when he has to be.

In 2002, Kent reportedly broke his wrist riding his dirt bike — a manly pursuit, to be sure — when in reality he just fell off his pickup truck while he was washing it. He loses some points for athleticism and possibly good sense, but gains several more for the baloney cover story, though it obviously didn't last forever.

• We know that Kent won't back down from anyone. Known by some to be a surly cuss occasionally, Kent famously mixed it up with Barry Bonds in the dugout during a game when everyone was watching.

• We know that Kent is resourceful enough to find food in unusual places. Evidence, the photo above, which shows Kent clutching a bird that died after Randy Johnson famously hit it with a pitch during spring training. No, Kent didn't kill the fowl himself, but he was quick enough to pounce on the poultry.

• Finally, we know he can summon the will to make the necessary angry face that will intimidate other players. As with baseball, Kent ought to be a player that "Survivor" fans (now including myself) will love to hate.

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