Jeff Francoeur's Triple-A teammates locked him in a bathroom, but he found a way out (Video)

Jeff Francoeur was called up to the big leagues again Wednesday. The veteran outfielder will join the San Diego Padres, seeing time with his third MLB team in the last two seasons.

This is good news for Francoeur, but bad news for the people in Triple-A who enjoy pranking him. Namely Cody Decker, the El Paso Chihuahuas player who also dabbles in filmmaking.

Decker produced the now-famous video of the team's intricate prank on Francouer in which they convinced Frenchy that teammate Jorge Reyes was deaf. As a follow-up, he and some of the Chihuahuas locked Francoeur in a bathroom earlier this season, forcing him to climb through the ceiling to forge an escape route.

The team, including Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin, who was rehabbing with El Paso at the time, found Francoeur using the coaches' bathroom and got pretty inventive in order to keep him there. The video says that Francoeur spent an hour in the bathroom before figuring a way out. 

Decker put the whole thing together in video form and released it Wednesday in honor of Francoeur getting called up. 

The lesson here: If you give Minor League Baseball players enough downtime, they'll turn into a group of would-be MacGyvers. And we're all better off for it.

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