With Jeff Francoeur gone, what should they rename the ‘Frenchy Quarter’ at Kauffman?

David Brown
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The Kansas City Star asks a cruel but pertinent question Tuesday: Now that Jeff Francoeur no longer plays for the Kansas City Royals, what should the team do with the Frenchy Quarter? That's the section in right field at Kauffman Stadium inspired by Francoeur's nickname — Frenchy — where his biggest supporters (outside of Oakland, anyway) gather to discuss all things Francoeur, eat bacon and pizza, drink beer, etc.

But what do you do with the Frenchy Quarter now? What do we call it? These are the questions that GM Dayton Moore can't be bothered with as he tries to keep the Royals contenders in the AL Central. But the Star is running a poll, and it's offering some inspired choices:

That's "Land of Hos" as in "Land of Oz" — not as in "Land of Hoes," by the way. Although, with all of the farms in the K.C. area, hoes are prevalent. ... What?

"The Gordon Bleu" is the best play on words — and it even incorporates one of the team color (sort of) — but it would have to moved to left field to make sense for Alex Gordon, who probably is the most deserving of any player of his own section.

"Lough Places" for David Lough is very Kansas City, which plays "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks at Kauffman Stadium as its version of "Sweet Caroline." Hey, this also lets people know definitively that Lough doesn't pronounce his last name like Charlie Hough. However, whomever the Royals rename the section for needs more than 200 major league plate appearances.

"Country Breakfast Club" is fine and dandy, though slugging country boy already Billy Butler gets his share of publicity. With the breakfast tie-in, it would be a natural continuation of Francoeur's budding bacon empire, made famous by his interactions with fans at the Oakland Coliseum.

"The LoZone" is terrible, and Lorenzo Cain needs to start hitting like he did earlier in the season, but we also could steal "Lough Places" and use it for him, if things work out in the second half.

"Moose Crossing" would be OK, but they shouldn't be naming anything for Mike Moustakas right now unless it's at the Omaha ballpark.

Nearly 2,000 votes have been cast, as of Tuesday evening, but the results of the poll probably aren't binding. There's also the possibility that we just let the Frenchy Quarter run its course for 2013. There's bacon to be fried, pizzas to be pied and beers to be swallowed. Just make sure you pour one out for the Frenchman himself.

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