Jedd Gyorko has no idea there's a paper cup stuck atop his cap

David Brown

Abuse! That's what San Diego Padres infielder Jedd Gyorko should claim after being pranked by teammates in the dugout Tuesday night. The Padres collectively had reason to feel giddy, as they were piling up an astonishing (for them) 16 hits in an 8-2 victory at Petco Park against the Cincinnati Reds. The Padres had beaten the Reds the night before, too, but with just one hit — which has been a lot closer to how they've rolled in 2014. Enough low-hit games to get general manager Josh Byrnes fired.

But their best performance Tuesday was pranking Gyorko with the ol' paper-cup-stuck-to-the-top-of-his- cap-with-a-wad-of-gum trick. The activity induced some amused pointing from pitching coach Darren Balsley, along with a sunflower seed shooting contest by coach Jose Valentin, not to mention the general smiling reaction from the rest of the dugout. Gyorko really had no idea he was the center of attention.


"That's the oldest trick in the book," Padres broadcaster Mark Grant said, between cackling."That, and the hot foot."

Grant refers to the Los Angeles Dodgers giving Scott Van Slyke a hot foot recently, using a fuse of a cigarette and matches and gum, stuck to his right cleat. The Los Angeles Fire Dept. chastised the Dodgers for that, did you know?

As for Gyorko, the only fire was figuratively in the belly from all of the laughing. Grant critiqued that the Padres erred by not putting a little water in the cup first. That way, when he turned his head and water splashes down, he would wonder where it came from. Broadcast Dick Enberg didn't believe in Grant's next-level prank talk, insisting that Gyorko would have felt the weight of the water in the cup.

"He has no clue," Grant said. "Some guys just don't get it."

Eventually, Gyorko got a clue and pulled his hoodie tight over his face so they'd stop messing with him and he could watch the game in peace. Harumph!

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