Jayson Werth pulled over for going 105 mph in 55 mph zone

David Brown

Nats Enquirer breaks news that the Washington Post didn't: Coming just five mph short of doubling the speed limit, allegedly, Washington Nationals slugger Jayson Werth was pulled over July 6 in Fairfax County, Va. for traveling 105 mph in a 55 mph zone. Ticketed for reckless driving, a misdemeanor that includes possible jail time — yikes! — Werth had his case continued until November.

As Nats Enquirer notes, there's no dashboard video of Werth getting written up, like there was with Yasiel Puig, so we'll never know if he was wearing a funny looking pair of shorts at the time.

Will the authorities let it go, in conjunction with significant community service and a hefty fine, if the Nats bring a World Series parade to the region?  Or is the Were-Werth headed to the joint in order to do some hard time this fall?

No matter how this case is adjudicated, let's try to keep it under 90 mph out there, major leaguers.

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